3 Myths of Hair Shampoo for Men to Debunk this 2020
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3 Myths of Hair Shampoo for Men to Debunk this 2020

You’ve probably heard a lot of myths about men’s shampoo – regular shampooing leads to greying, loss of natural oils and a lot more. 

And, trust us, we don’t know where they came from, neither they have any proof about it. These are some myths, or we may say, fake news that is taken seriously by the masses. 

But, it’s time to debunk them! 

Men’s hair matters a lot to everyone! And, why not, it makes the first impression on our partner or the random people you bump into. For this reason, there’s a reason why a separate range of men’s grooming products surfaced into the market. From the best hair shampoo for men to the best natural hair wax to intact a style, everything to satiate the style requirements. 

But it all comes down to one product that has the most myths – men’s hair shampoo! With the obsession of having good hair, people have started to spread the false news. And, the sad thing is, we believe it!

Let’s start debunking the myths one by one –

  • Myth 1 for Men’s Shampoo – If you don’t want greasy, smelly hair, you’ve to shampoo them daily:

This seems to be real! Who doesn’t want fresh and clean hair for the entire week? But it is not true and should not be practiced. Shampooing your hair daily isn’t necessary! It is actually bad for your hair and here’s why –

  • Regular use of men’s hair shampoo will reap off the natural oils. 
  • It can, in fact, reverse the reaction and cause greasier hair. 

Yeah, so here it is no more regular shampooing. You can shampoo your hair on alternate days.  And, if you work out a lot, then go for a natural men’s shampoo that doesn’t destroy your hair health. Like our L’BERT argan oil shampoo that comes enriched with vitamins and argan oil goodness to repair your hair thoroughly without affecting the natural oils production. 

  • Myth 2 for Men’s Shampoo – Shampooing leads to hair loss:

That’s not true! Hair loss is caused by other factors and it is not related to shampooing your hair daily. It is probably because you are taking a poor, nutrition-less diet, or it is due to your genetics. Using an all-natural best hair shampoo for men enriched with natural essential oils don’t harm your hair, and will surely not lead to hair fall. 

  • Myth 3 for Men’s Shampoo – You should skip conditioner after shampooing if you’ve greasy hair:

TRUTH – Greasy hair is due to dirt and excess oil production and not because of a conditioner. It is super-important that you use the best natural ingredients infused conditioner after properly washing your hair with a shampoo. It helps to provide a proper dose of hydration, nourishment, and also seals in the moisture of the ends.

You can also go for a shampoo conditioner! So, you don’t have to go for another step to condition your hair, instead, you can condition your hair while shampooing with the L’BERT argan oil shampoo with conditioner.  

All the above-mentioned myths need to be debunked right now! And, if you wish to surpass all of them and ensure good hair health then go for an all-natural hair shampoo for men. Like the above-mentioned ‘argan oil shampoo with conditioner’ that is fabricated with different types of oils and doesn’t have paraben and SLS in its constituents. 

For more insights and knowledge about the men’s grooming follow our blogs! This was all for today, ciao, until next time!

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