4 Pre Holi Tips to Keep Skin and Hair Problems at Bay | Holi Hacks for Men
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4 Pre Holi Tips to Keep Skin and Hair Problems at Bay | Holi Hacks for Men

The festival of colors and joy is almost here!

You are reminiscing about all the good times that you are going to enjoy being with your friends and family, and most importantly the colors of joy. 

But have you ever thought about the repurcussions?

Well, the good holi times comes to an end, but it surely brings a lot of skin and hair issues with it!

And, no it has nothing to do with either girls or boys! It is faced by men too. The gorgeous beard that you’ve grown and the skin you are taking care for so long shouldn’t be affected by the Holi colors. 

So, we did some leg work for you and tracked down few of the best pre holi tips so that you be ready to take on the ‘gulaal’ and enjoy to the fullest, without worrying. 

Let’s get to them –

  • Oiling and moisturizing:

Be it hair or skin, shield them with the power of moisturization against holi colors in advance. Follow a routine prior to the holi. Not only before you head out to play with your friends, but also from a week before. 

For face – Go for a good cream with natural ingredients and massage onto your skin! You can go for our active carbon cream that comes with ingredients like bamboo charcoal that keeps your skin protected from the holi colors and also acts as a shield against the harmful sun rays. 

For hair – Go for oiling your hair with the best hair oil for men! Oiling your hair keeps your hair smooth and doesn’t allow the harmful gulaal and other chemical-infused colors to stick onto your hair. 

  • Hydrate on repeat:

This is a general tip that you should follow throughout the year! The most damage to your hair is done during Holi and the main cause that has come around after an intensive research is dehydration. It is not a quick fix but it is tried and tested by many. Increase your liquid intake days before Holi. 

This ultimately keeps your skin and scalp hydrated and helps you to go through the splashes of Holi. Other thing you can do is keep them moisturized with natural grooming products for men. 

  • Shield your lips:

Lips are the most sensitive and they require extra care before Holi! The splashes of Holi colours settles down on the lip tissue and rip them apart. So, make sure you use a highly moisturizing lip balm like our L’BERT mint lip balm that smoothens out the surface and make it ready for the Holi festival. 


Apply multiple coats of lip balm before you head out!

  • Beard care:

Beard, the most important asset a man can hold! And, sure, it is super-important to take care of it as well. So, here is the beard care Holi tip – ensure you use beard oil and before that apply cream on the skin beneath your mane. 

If you have super long beard that make sure you tie it with a rubberband and tuck it inside, so that it stays protected for the entire festival. 

This was all for the pre Holi tips! We will be back with post Holi tips but till then make sure you are hydrated and your skin and hair are moisturized with the essential oils and nutrients. 

Head out to play holi with confidence and play it fearlessly!


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