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5 Grooming Tips to Look Impressive this Valentine’s Day

The favorite time of the year for all those cupids is round the corner. So, you are working on the fancy reservations with candlelight dinner and an unforgettable gift to impress your date! But in the midst of all of it, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you look as presentable as your romantic spree, don’t you?

So, here are a bunch of tips that will up your style quotient on your dream date and sweep your partner’s feet off of the ground.

  • Be Kiss ready

Soft and kissable lips are one of the most important things you can wear on V-day. After all, nobody wants to see your dry and chapped lips on your special date, right? So it is very important to keep them hydrated and smooth, especially if you want to put on some lip locking game later in the evening. Scrubbing a small amount of Lbert Mint Lip Scrub will do the trick. It makes the lip skin lighter and plump keeping the natural shine of them intact.

  • Keep it all clean

Keeping yourself clean and fragrant will instantly boost your confidence while you dine in front of your special one. It is important to choose a soap that will keep yourself fresh all day long. You can go for the Lbert Ocean Blue soap to keep yourself moisturized as well as refreshed the entire day. And just when you getting ready for the final showdown, don’t forget to wash your face with the Lbert Charcoal Facewash and brag your stunner looks afterward.

  • A Flake Free eve

Showing off dandruff is never a good idea for your special day. Winter and windy season often lead to dry scalp leading to a flaky scalp. It is important to invest in good shampoo. Want some suggestions? Try Lbert Argan oil shampoo which has natural and hair benefitting ingredients which will keep flakes at bay.

  • Keep that Beard sleek

Sometimes, people often leave undermine their beard and mustache and leave them unattended. You don’t do the same mistake. Your beard needs a bit of attention too. Facewash is not enough to remove the dirt off your beard. You should opt for a good beard wash such as Lbert Beard wash. You can also apply a few drops of Lbert beard growth oil for a smooth growth and shiny hair strands.

  • A strong style statement

Keeping a strong personality would absolutely be a cherry on the top. And for that, you need to pay attention to the little details of your personality. For instance, you can use a bit of hair wax on your hair for wearing a favorable hairstyle. If you want to go for a messy and carefree hairstyle, you can choose Lbert Clay hair wax and if you want to go for a super stylish hairstyle, you can opt for Lbert bold hair wax.

So, are you valentine’s day ready yet?

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