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Indian Beard Styles for Men

6 Indian Beard Styles that will make you look Dapper!

Indian Beard Styles for Men

The manliest men’s fashion trend in recent years is neither a fancy watch nor a smart dressing sense, instead, it’s a stylish and a well-trimmed beard. This fashion trend is now not limited to only one country, men all over the world are pacing up to mark their presence in this race. Different beard styles and various beard fashions have sprouted to match up to the race.

 Now, this growing beard trend has created the countless number of beard styles which has made it difficult to count them all. Growing a beard might look like an easy task, in fact, it is easier as compared to shaving every day. The main thing that comes into the picture now is taking proper care of your beard, washing it daily using a Beard Wash and moisturizing it with a soothing Beard Oil


 The ultimate goal of your beard is to add contrast and unseen dimension to your face. Different face shapes highlight different facial features and not every style is made for you.

Here’s the guide on how to choose the right style for your face.

  • Beard Styles For Men With Long Hairs: Long-haired people, having a long beard might be a bit tedious task for you. The reason behind this is you have to maintain proper hygiene and maintenance of the beard. And this indeed takes a lot of time and effort. Adding a beard care routine to head hair care means a good piece of your time would be devoted to this care stuff. If you can afford that, it’s fine, you can go along with the long hair and dense beard look. On the other hand, we’ll advise you to keep your beard to a bare minimum because if it’s not maintained properly, you may end up looking unkempt and unclean. 

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  • Beard Styles For the Older Indian Guys: Older men can keep any type of beard. A beard speckled with grey and white in itself looks graceful and elegant. It also enhances the personality of older men making them look sophisticated and well-bred. However, if one is dying head hair, then they better dye your beard to avoid two different tones on the head and the face.

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  • Beard Styles For Men With Round Face: For men with round faces, a short beard that completely covers the jawline is a good idea. It will not only enhance your face cut but will also make you look younger and cuter. You can also go for a longer beard that will make your face look less round.

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  • Beard Styles For Men With Light Facial Hair: If you naturally have a light beard, there is no good in feeling bad about it. It’s like that because of the genes you have inherited. And if you are having light stubble you are in luck today, as we have beard styles for you. You can go for the light stubble look or a french cut would do more good.

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  • Beard Styles For Men With Thick Stubble: If you have thick facial hair, consider yourselves lucky as it means you can enjoy any beard style you wish to. You just have to let it grow for a while and then trim it to a proper well-trimmed style. Meanwhile, it also means that you need to be careful about the cleanliness of the beard and facial hair.

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  • Beard For Men With Small Faces: If you have a small face, then we would recommend you to avoid a very thick and hairy beard. The reason behind this is that it would hide your face features completely. People wouldn’t be able to spot your facial features from the beard hairs. 


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No matter whatever your beard style is, there’s a beard style available for you. All you need to do is explore what suits you and whatnot.

Which beard style did you like the most? Let us know your answers in the comment section below. 


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