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7 Ways to Grow a Beard, You didn’t know about!

First off, we want to congratulate you on making it to this epic beard growing guide! Whether you have a beard or not, you’ve taken the first steps to be part of this gentleman’s club!

One of the most asked questions today is “how can I make my beard grow faster?” Growing a beard is not a part-time job but it’s more like a journey. A journey on which you are certain to become at least a little impatient every now and then. It never quite seems like your facial hair is growing at an impressive speed you wondered.

Apparently, wisdom says that there is nothing you can do to make your beard grow faster. When you ask a beardy brother for beard-growing tips, he will probably give you a lot of ‘Gyan’. While there is no secret recipe to make you look like Khal Drogo in a week, we bring you some simple steps that you can introduce into your daily routine to help you along on your bearded journey.

  1. Commit to the Beard Journey: Imagine, you cancel off your daily shave routine. It 3 o’clock in the office, you are looking in the bathroom mirror and think ‘I actually look pretty good with this beard thingy’. The next day you skip the shave again, this time on purpose and you start loving it. When you are actually at that crossroad, you need to commit to the beard. The initial stages might be a little itchy and make you feel like a relapsed boozy person but if you can get over the initial hump you will feel a lot better. You just need to get over the ‘four-week hump’ before feeling like they have a beard. The beard growth oil should be made with natural ingredients. It should be free from paraben, silicone, and irritants. A combination of nutritious oils including Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Clove Oil, Vitamin E, Saw Palmetto, Red Clover and Almond Oil can be helpful. Commit to your beard with LBERT Forest Ranger Beard & Hair Growth Oil.Lbert Beard Growth Oil
  2. Give Your Beard Space: Depending on the abrasiveness of your facial hair along with the sensitivity of your skin, the initial four weeks might feel annoyingly itchy. Resist the urge to shave, trim, twirl or scratch your facial hair. You want to grow a full beard that means that any grooming is off the table and you need a proper beard wash for it. The beard wash should be free from harsh chemicals and completely handmade from the best natural ingredients. Use LBERT English Garden Beard Shampoo Wash to relax your beard and get rid of the itchiness.
  3. Style Your Beard: People say that the health of your hair offers a window into your health as a human. Beard is no different, and proper nourishment can help to encourage faster growth. Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil are some of the most effective nutrients required for the growth. Wondering, where will you find all of these in a single product? Don’t worry, LBERT Bold Hair Wax Strong Hold Crystal Gel wax is there to save your day.
  4. Less Stress, More Beard: Increased stress also reduces your body’s ability to regenerate testosterone and restrict the flow of vitamins to your hair follicles. If you find that your life is particularly stressful, reduce the amount of ‘display hours’ by turning devices off by a set time each night. Take up jogging that will let you unpack some thoughts by yourself for a while. Your body will thank you for the drop in stress, rewarding you with a solid set of bristles.
  5. Use only Quality Beard Products: Quality Beard Products can make the itchy stages more comfortable and give you a nicer looking beard. Beard oils and wax will help to make your facial hair softer. As a minimum, look for products that clean, style and soften your beard. Some beard products containing ingredients like argan oil do claim to encourage growth. Opt for anything that helps you to get through the early stages when all you want to do is shave.
  6. Genetics, The biggest player: Your genes plays a significant role to grow a thick beard. If your elder generations have always struggled to cultivate a manly beard, there’s quite a chance that you too will face this trouble. You just might need to increase the beard-growing patience.
  7. Let Criticism be your biggest Motivator: Some people out there who are less than thrilled about the fact that people have decided to groom a full grown beard. They may not like the color and the style you’ve decided to go with. There’s a short and sweet answer: it’s your beard, and on your face, so why should anyone be telling you how they feel about it as long as your beard makes you happy then that’s all that matters. If it makes you happy, keep it. This criticism could be because your beard hasn’t had the chance to grow out full and reach its full potential. Give it time to grow and ignore the haters!


“Growing a beard is the best example of true love, it never ends, it just grows”


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