A Guide to Clear Skin and Healthy Hair Post Holi | 5 Products to Focus On!
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A Guide to Clear Skin and Healthy Hair Post Holi | 5 Products to Focus On!

The fun and frolic of the mighty Holi festival are undeniable! And, why not, enticing colors, an amazing get-together with the buddies and the delightful dishes, all-together in a day. We all love it!

Well, all thanks to our vibrant culture. However, the hangover is not the only thing that you’ve to deal with after the Holi party effect, it is something else that bothers us throughout but we choose not to pay heat. 

We are talking about the skin and hair damage! 

So, we have guided you with the pre-Holi tips to be followed, but we are also concerned with the after-effects and so we’re here with the rundown of the products that helps you sustain a clear and glowing skin, and also make your hair and beard shinier again. 

Read about the products that can help you soon after the Holi festival ends, because we believe ‘with a great beard and amazing skin’ comes greater responsibility. 

  • Charcoal face scrub –

After taking a proper bath, take a spoonful of the charcoal face scrub. Mix it with lukewarm water and gently massage onto your face and neck area. Make sure that you also massage on the skin beneath the beard. 

Scrubbing will remove the dirt and also cleanse the pores thoroughly. Moreover, the dirt that adheres to your face and skin under the beard that is hard to be removed by soap and water, can be easily removed. 

  • Carbon cream –

Blend of natural ingredients is what you need to restore the facial fullness after the Holi festival. This face cream for men not only moisturizes the skin but also nourishes it with the nutrients and vitamins. It will keep your face fresh and supple throughout the day.  

  • Beard oil –

You have taken care of your beard for so many months, and years and just one day of Holi enjoyment cannot ruin it. We’ve got you backed up with the best beard oil that seeps deep into the roots to nourish and restore the health of the beard hair. 

The woody citrus beard oil is packed with the citrus goodness and makes your dry and itchy beard much more manageable, and smooth. The bottle is equipped with a glass dropper that makes it easy to use, and only two drops will make your beard shiny and smooth again. 

  • Hair oil –

More than your hair, it’s your scalp is what goes through a lot! It is your scalp that will absorb the colors most, and so, after you have taken a long bath and rinsed your hair with the L’BERT Argan oil shampoo, apply hair oil. The L’BERT forest ranger hair oil will be the one that moisturizes and restores moisture. The Argan oil content is known to help increase elasticity and consistently restore the shine of dull and lifeless hair. 

  • Lip scrub –

Dry skin is the outcome of the Holi! And, we want you to restore the natural pigmentation of the lips. The Mint Lip Scrub scrapes off the dead skin and also removes the color. Mint, jojoba oil, sugar, shea butter, and vitamin E are the ingredients that exfoliate lips well and make them soft, supple and pink. 

  • Lip balm –

Mint Lip balm works wonders for the dry and chapped lips due to the harsh colors. It moisturizes dried tissue and protects the area from further exposure to sun rays. It also reduces the pain and the tissues to heal if they are scrapped off real harsh due to Holi colors. 

Final words –

It is super-important to enjoy the festival, but it is also important that you take thorough care of the hair and skin! Be fearless, Be handsome with the right men’s grooming products. 

If you wish to buy any of the above-mentioned men’s grooming products then browse the entire list in our ‘all products’ section. 

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