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[ Get groomed by LBERT: To look better with the Hook of Nature. ]

LBERT mens grooming was born out of the need to find good quality Mens Grooming products in India which were in stark contrast to the ones I used back in London. Being an avid user of these products, the scarcity of natural and organic products in the mens grooming category pushed me to transform the complete cosmetic scenario in my Motherland.” -says Vikas Purohit (Founder of LBERT Mens Grooming)

After intensive research for a period of more than 15 months, studying the demands of the Indian market, LBERT mens grooming was developed to suit the Indian weather conditions and various skin types. The aim was to bring a new definition of Nature with it: Naturally, Authentic Touch Unearthing Real Elegance.

LBERT mens grooming products are packed with natural extracts and rich mineral oils that are paraben and SLS free. Our products are custom built and designed to nourish even the manliest of skin types giving you a touch of the essence of Earth. LBERT mens grooming products are successfully tested on humans in highest quality labs.
The real objective of our brand can be summarized through 3P’s: Protecting, Preserving, and Prolonging the vigor and glow of your skin with the help of our quick fixing and multi-tasking ingredients that bring traditional grooming in sync with your busy life. LBERT mens grooming strives to rekindle the flame of the regal and classy aura of society alive. We wish to inspire generations to be more health and skin conscious and use good quality products that get you close to the essence of nature.

Designed for You!

Scientifically designed for the men of today. LBERT Mens Grooming is for the real men looking for premium and luxurious grooming essentials.


Pure Quality Products

Passed through different laboratories and quality checks, LBERT Mens Grooming utilize authentic raw materials.


Contain natural extracts

Contain natural extracts and spirit of the forests. Our products are made to suit all skin types.


Designed for

LBERT Mens Grooming is for the real men looking for premium and luxurious grooming essentials.


Chemical Free Products

Free from harmful chemicals like paraben, mineral oils, petrochemicals, SLS, formaldehyde