Beard styles which will make jaws drop
Beard styles which will make jaws drop

Beard styles which will make jaws drop

Not too long ago, when men with groomed facial hair were considered as unhygienic and indisciplined. Today, however, beard styles have made men look more glamorous and crisp. Facial hair has made a huge comeback in the last five years, with Hollywood – Bollywood celebrities, Instagram Influencers as well as the best models of the world; all wearing hair on their faces. With so many beard styles for men, it is important to choose the right cut that will suit your personality, face shape, and hairstyle.

L’bert understands that the ultimate goal of growing facial hair is to add panache and rawness to the face. In addition to finding the best beard styles, a lot of grooming and maintenance products add on to better an impeccable look. Obviously the better you want to look, the more efforts and time you need to give to your facial hair. Basics lie in the cut and hence this blog will talk about the best beard styles which would make jaws drop of every onlooker.

Full beard

The full beard has never been out of style. It consists of hair on the cheeks, around the lips, chin, and sideburns. A full beard is something which every man cannot have and only the ones who have been blessed by nature can carry this look. Dense, healthy, and thick facial hair needs to grow a  full beard or in case your hair is not so nourished you can add on to the thickness by feeding natural beard oils and potions to it. Depending on your lifestyle and genetics, a full beard will take a few months to grow at its maximum potential. Patience is essential when trying to get this look.

Of all the beard styles for men, the full beard needs maximum pampering and time. Don’t worry if your beard appears patchy at first, with proper diet and grooming products, things will fall into place. In order one of the beard styles of 2020, you need to combine confidence without coming off looking too messy. To give it a shape, rake help of your trusted salon, L’bert grooming products as well as the internet.


The beard stache is a cross between a stubble and a full beard. It is the facial hair equivalent of a mullet, wherein the mustache is kept longer and fuller in comparison to the rest of the facial hair. The best part is that this style works well on most face shapes. When groomed and cut properly, it instantly adds a hyper-masculine strength and confidence to one’s face. It is going to be a fresh kickstart for all men who have got bored with the conventional beard styles for men and want to change their look which is something unique from the mainstream styles. It is also a good option for summer months, when a heavy beard may become a pool of sweat and mess.

The beard should be short and crisp while the mustache should be full and thick. Make sure to instruct your salon that the difference between the two parts doesn’t stay obvious or too much.

Faded beard

The faded beard is probably one of the funkiest styles a man can carry to give the “boy-next-door” vibes. It basically builds a smooth bridge between a thick hair growth to shaved face.

If you think that this style is easy and does not require much time, attention, and care, then check for yourself once again! Fading a beard isn’t easy. This style requires facial hair to be meticulously cut and blended. If you are considering growing a beard and grooming it to fade into your hairstyle, it going to be wisest to rely ONLY on an expert. Also, regular trips to the salon will have to be made to keep the style intact and fresh.


A connective line of facial hair from the mustache to the chin has to be made to create the ultimate Goatee look. Moreover, clean-shave cheeks will be required to outshine the beard. It is a great option for men who don’t have very thick or dark facial hair.

A goatee can work wonders to provide some definition to a round or baby-like face. It can add strength to a weak chin by giving the illusion of fullness and shape.

It is important to consult an expert and ask him or her to suggest Goatee styles as per your face shape and hair volume. Goatee beard will complement a diamond or heart-shaped face as it broadens the chin, balancing the shape of the face. Pure goatee will make a round face look a bit smaller as it will not involve your mustache in the look.

Apart from the styles mentioned above, you can surely go ahead and try something new or innovative which has been on your mind. Just make sure your beard health stays well so that after each style your hair regrow back so that no final damage is done to your precious facial hair. Stick to use of Sulphate and Paraben free beard and mustache grooming products to keep the health of facial hair at its peak.

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