Does your shampoo contain chemicals which are causing baldness?
Does your shampoo contain chemicals which are causing baldness?

Does your shampoo contain chemicals which are causing baldness?

If you are eating all the right things to keep your hair at the best possible health, you probably shouldn’t be using harsh chemicals topically as well to maintain the most. That’s why should rely only on nourishing ingredients to keep your health good. It’s high time you realize that chemicals found in most shampoos are not doing any good and you need to avoid them.

You should simply move away from the chemically formulated hair washes induced with harmful toxins, and jump to natural ingredients to keep your mane happy and soft.

Best shampoo for men is the one which avoids common can have some serious side effects, like skin irritation as well as adverse effects like lowering your testosterone levels. Lower testosterone can be a big reason to initiate baldness in any man. This blog will hence talk about which kinds of shampoos you should not use to keep your hair dense.


You know that satisfying lather you get when you pour the best hair shampoo for men into your wet scalp? Though those bubbles may feel refreshing and you may experience some kind of pampering, but those sulfates are doing no good other than proving aesthetics to the solution. Sulfates are synthetic chemicals that act as a harsh detergent, and these are just preservatives not safe to be used for long.

Do you want to know how sulfates are not good? There might be potent to wash off dirt and debris but they definitely strip off your hair’s natural oils, leading to dry and brittle strands. If used daily or for long, they may cause inflammation, rashes, and itchiness – especially if you have a sensitive scalp.

Even the most reputable commercial shampoos list sulfates at the top of their ingredient list – usually an indicator that there are a whole lot of other ingredients which make the product fancy but are not safe to be used for long.

Using natural shampoo alternatives can still provide the lather you need for satisfaction but they will be 100% organic in most cases. Agents like Shikakai and Coconut can bring bubbles and yet induce nourishing properties to your scalp and strands. Plus, these ingredients can helps you grow a thick, moisturized mane.  They will also heal the issues you might be witnessing on your scalp.


What are loud fragrances doing in a best hair shampoo for men anyway? They make shampoo smell good but such artificial aromas can be toxic for hair health.

Chemically processed hair care products are sometimes proud to use the word “fragrance” on labels. They are though never going to mention the specific chemical there are putting to use to induce the needed flavor. The word “fragrance” actually means phthalates.

Make sure you’re using products that have inborn fragrances due to the natural ingredients which are getting use in the formula. Natural men’s shampoo should use 100% plant-derived oils for annexing pleasant fragrance. These natural alternatives won’t leave you smelling like a flower pot or a cupcake. All-natural, chemical-free shampoo has an intoxicatingly manly fragrance that keeps you rejuvenated all day long. Plus, plant-derived essential oils do more than just make you smell good. The natural ingredients add many health benefits like treating hair fall and dandruff.

You may have seen phthalates hiding out in the ingredients of any chemically processed hair wash. These are chemical esters which not only contribute to the scent of your shampoo but manufacturers also use them as plasticizers to blend all other ingredients evenly. Sadly, phthalates are endocrine disruptors, which means that they might trigger your hormones in a bad way. It can even lower your testosterone levels and sperm count.  Since shampoos with unspecified fragrance may or may not contain this toxin, it’s best to use 100% organic shampoo which is made with the ingredient whose smell you admire. For instance, you can go for a shampoo formulated with mint in summers so as to stay refreshed and cool all day long without harming your natural hair health.

Natural shampoo alternatives with Xantham Gum can be a substitute for a Phthalate product.  It may sound like another chemical additive lurking in ingredient labels, but it’s actually an all-natural ingredient that is derived from green leaves.


What are Parabens? They are preservatives that just increase the shelf life of your hair cleansing agent. They definitely prevent bacteria and mold from growing in such solutions, but their constant use can be damaging to your hair and scalp.

Unfortunately, like sulfates, parabens can disrupt your hormones, irritate your skin, and cause allergic reactions. To be safe from such ill-effects, switch to natural shampoos which know what earth borne products can be added to the formula to increase shelf life as well as keep toxic effects at bay.

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