Each time a man shows chivalry, he qualifies to be a L'BERT
Each time a man shows chivalry, he qualifies to be a L'bert

Each time a man shows chivalry, he qualifies to be a L’BERT

The first impression is the biggest opportunity to present the best version of yourself as a L’bert man. It’s an experience of mental evolution, where each first impression made can make you more inclined towards self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self- esteem and self-worth. Your best foot forward can portray your reputation and make you earn goodwill today and for all tomorrows to come. This blog will tell you the ways to do just that. Designer clothing and face products for men you use alone do not define you, but also your honesty, behavior, and mannerisms play an equal part in making you a gentleman.

Being nice is like using the best skincare products for men, it will always make you look good in the eyes of others, especially females.  You can create that picture-perfect moment of truth through your chivalry. A gentleman is not identified by the money in his wallet or the cost of his watch, but by his morals, manners and the content of his character. Chivalry includes polite, respectful and mannered behavior, especially by men towards women. In the Middle Ages, chivalry formed the base of how knights were supposed to behave.

Women often complain that chivalry is dead and in some ways they are correct. People nowadays are always on the go, always in a rush to reach somewhere, glued to their phones whether they may be at a social gathering, an intimate dinner or in transit. Being chivalrous does not entail heroic acts or sacrifices that have to be made by men, but it lies in small acts and everyday gestures that men need to inculcate to be chivalrous. Read on to know some of these-

Hold the gates

Holding open the door for the elderly and women is one of the most basic but important qualities that come with chivalry. When a man is about to enter through a door, getting into or out of the elevator, let women and senior citizens get in or out first and hold the door for them.

Be polite and attentive

When you greet the other person, make eye contact. It’s important to know the magic of looking at the other person in the eye. And remember, a smile is one of the best face products for men. While speaking, keep a soft tone and refrain yourself from using foul language. It’s better to keep the way polite. Keep your voice at a low pitch while talking on the phone in public and if you have to attend the call, excuse yourself. It will be best if you request the caller to call back later. Be patient, listen to the whole part of what the other party has to say. Let them finish first. Don’t be calculative while having a personal conversation and it is always appreciated when a man takes the time, try to know the person he’s talking to.

Never embarrass or insult any person, especially a female in public. Any disagreements should be discussed in private or simply avoid out of line comments.

The ‘wine-dine’ etiquette

A chivalrous man is one who treats the people beyond his stature with as much respect as he himself deserves. Use the best face care products for men before you have to attend a dinner date, so as to look hygienic. When at a restaurant, treat the wait staff, or for that matter, your personal staff or house help in a polite and respectful manner. These people are there to serve you, so misbehaving with them will speak negatively about you.

Stay loyal

Sticking to his words is one of the major traits of man. If you have committed to do something then stick to it and don’t go back when in doubt.

Be protective and act responsibly

AS long as you don’t have major tasks and lack of time, always offer to drop your partner, female friends, mothers, sisters and all women associated at her destination first. Act responsible and do not leave her in the middle of the way, just because you want to get the most comfortable parking spot first.  When you decide to drop her safely, it shows you are concerned about her safety and well-being.

Offer to walk on the street side of the sidewalk. If you have to walk through a crowded area, make sure you protect her from hustling traffic. Let her walk ahead of you, behave like the men’s face care products – a solid and nurturing protective shield. Show chivalry, hold the umbrella over a lady, child or elderly person when needed. When it rains, and should not mind getting a little drenched if your health allows. If a female is wearing a long dress or high heels, walk behind her while climbing a staircase, she could trip on the dress or tumble down the staircase. Whereas, if she requests you to walk ahead of her if she is wearing a short dress, listen! If the place is full of people, simply climb the staircase by walking behind her to avoid unnecessary glances.

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