Gifting Daddy A Tough Task? Let Us Help!
Gifting Daddy A Tough Task? Let Us Help!

Gifting Daddy A Tough Task? Let Us Help!

It is easy to find a gift for anyone, but when it comes to dad, we find ourselves in confusion? Whether he would like it? 

Whether he won’t

Stop worrying we are here to help you!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, a day which marks the importance of the one –

  • Who is a superhero!
  • Who made us believe in the beauty of life!
  • Who taught us – ‘To go home or go big’.
  • Who taught us to relish each and every moment!
  • Who taught us to be kind to women, to respect them!

A Life Savior, He Has Always Kept Us Safe!

He is the guiding force, a pillar of support throughout our life, adn on this father’s day, we have a chance to make him feel special, to make him feel he is the ‘World’s Best Dad’. 

Perfumes, shirt, and ties are something that everyone gifts, so why not, gift dad something that adds to his style, to his handsomeness. Perhaps something that he can use!

To show the love and appreciation to your ‘Papa, baba, daddy…’, here are some of the men’s grooming kits or products that you can gift him, and guess what, it will be according to what suits his character the most!

Let’s see them below –

  • Fast and Furious Dad –

For the dad who is always in a hurry and misses on taking care of himself! He tells you that men’s grooming takes a lot of effort, it is time to make him believe in the fastest and the brightest way to groom himself in the least time with a product that matches your dad’s speed in life. 

Gift him the L’bert mustache growth roll-on! It gives instant results, and your daddy doesn’t have to do much for a good-looking mustache. 

  • The roll-on gives you a frizz-free and smooth mooch.
  • It ensures no breakage hair in your mustache.
  • Protects mustache from environmental damage.
  • Sleek and stylish look.

And, above all, it is the fastest way to get a good mustache for your dad! The love for the speed of your dad will make him fall in love with this growth roll-on. 

  • For the High-Fashion Dad:

The dad who gives you the competition in looking the best! This is for the dad who believes in looking absolutely handsome. So, gift something that can make your ‘Daddy Cool’ more ‘Cool’. 

Gift him the Clay Hair Styling Wax Strong Hold & Matte Finish!

  • Non-Oily, Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky, long-lasting hold Formula without stiffness or flakes.
  • It makes hair smooth and shiny.
  • He can make unlimited styles.

He can flaunt his style via this amazing father’s day gift!

  • For the Sophisticated Dad:

Does your dad abide by rules in each and everything? Does he abide by ‘Parampara, Pratishtha, Anushasan’? Then, he needs something really proper and sophisticated! And also if you haven’t liked the personal style of any man, then here it is – He is the man with utter sophistication in his blood and nothing can overwrite his charm!

Gift him the ‘L’BERT Charcoal Kit’. 

It comes with face wash, peel-off mask, scrub, and handmade soap, all with the major constituent being charcoal. 

Dad always take care of you! And, this Father’s day it is your turn to show him all the love and compassion that too according to his style and characteristics!

And, trust us, it won’t go wrong! Don’t forget to write – ‘Thanks Dad, I’m glad you’re mine.’

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