How Can Lip Scrubs Help Men Get Supple Smooth Lips
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How Can Lip Scrubs Help Men Get Supple Smooth Lips

Are you a responsible man?

Do you have the right body care regimen?

If the answer is no, you need to start this ASAP!

But, if the answer is yes, don’t be satisfied,

While we take care of our body, hygiene and even face, we tend to forget the tiny little part which gives our face an amazing look. It is our lips!

Our lips are sensitive and everything from drinking, eating to kissing gets affected when they are not right.

Imagine going on a date and the first thing she notices is your chapped black lips! We do not want you to miss opportunities like this. For a perfect impression, you need everything from top to bottom to be the best!

A sibling of body scrub; lip scrub for men is here to save your lips from any damage. The basic thing that lip scrubs do is remove dead skin cells and replenish your skin with a hydrated look.

Lip Exfoliation Routine

If you want to get the rosy lips to make a stunning impression, you need to include exfoliation in your routine. While you are aware about-face scrubs and their uses, exfoliating your lips is essential too.  We suggest you to use it at least twice in a week to maintain a soft, supple and plump look of your lips!

What is the deal with lip scrubs?

We know that every year you are burdened with information about multiple products that may not even appeal to you. But well, let’s face this. Lips are a crucial part of your face and your overall looks. If there is anything that makes your lip gain beauty and adds flavor to your overall personality, it’s a worth investing product. Lip scrubs are generally gentle in nature and are made for you to save your lips from the chapped look which by the way, is seriously annoying for anyone.

Lip scrubs are semi-liquid products that contain exfoliating agents that are scrubby in texture which help you remove the bad skin from lips and reveal soft and unchapped lips. They also have a non-exfoliating part that contains hydrating ingredients which add a dose of much-needed moisture to the sensitive skin while you rub off the dead skin.

Are You Looking For Reasons?

We will give you more reasons for how lip scrubs help you exfoliate your lips to give you the rosy lips. They are:

  •   Bye bye dry skin

Although products like lip balms can give your lips hydrated look, they do not remove dead chapped skin. For that, you need to follow an exfoliating regimen. Dry lips are something we all dread. Not only does it look dreadful but it also is painful. When you apply lip scrubs before applying the balm, you have healed your lips because they get rid of the dead cells.

  •   Feel the supple skin

There are many ingredients that lip scrubs are full of like Vitamin E, jojoba oils, etc. which have hydrating capabilities. After using lip scrubs, the lips are free from dead skin which already provides a base for balms to work more efficiently. Other ingredients in the scrubs act on your lips before a balm would and gives it a smooth texture and finish so that after exfoliation, your lips are not dry.

  •   Prevent dehydration

Lip scrubs are full of moisturizing agents that do not let your lips stay dehydrated after use. The lip skin is sensitive and needs moisture. Keep hydrating yourself with the right amount of water and let your lip scrub take care of the hydration of your lips while you scrub. The plant oils and butter are a part of your scrubs that will rehydrate your lips.

  •   Natural lip color

Dead skin makes a layer on lips that hide your natural skin color. A dark skin tone of lips makes a really bad impression and thereby to gain the lost color, lip scrubs are your savior. Also, if you smoke, you already have dark black skin. Trust us, it does not look good. If you include scrub and use it, you will find a naturally glowing lip color soon.

Lip scrubs retexturize your skin and mellow down your skin tone. Don’t we all secretly want those rosy lips we read about in schools!

  •   No! They do not damage

If your worry is that they might damage your skin, fret not. We say this because lip scrubs are made keeping in mind the skin sensitiveness of lips. There are many harsh scrubs too, but you need to avoid them. Exfoliation does not harm your lips instead, it saves it from harm. You need to follow a strict routine and do not keep rubbing it on your lips for long. Do it for 30 seconds to 40 seconds and if you feel any hint of itchiness, stop then and there.

While you now have enough proof about why lip balms for men are necessary for your lips, we suggest you keep the exfoliation process gentle. Do not over-exfoliate and take care of your lips. Post scrubbing, seal your lips with right lip balm or petroleum jelly for them to keep the moisture intact!

Say hello to a product that will give your lips a fresh feel!

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