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How should you wash your beard?

In this article, we are going to tell you about how you should wash your beard with Lbert Mens Grooming beard wash- a quick guide on addressing the do’s and don’ts about washing your beard and keeping it healthy.

It is rightly said that beard is a responsibility! Maintaining a good and healthy beard which attracts attention is a crucial and difficult task.

We have earlier mentioned in our articles about maintaining a good beard. Here we are focusing on the problem of washing the beard in a proper way and manner. There are a lot of mistakes that guys make while washing their beards. Yes, you heard us right, just washing their beard.  And if you are one of the guys who are having a problematic time washing your mane, then this is going to be a good read for you.

Coming straight to the point, here we are concentrating the ways how you must wash your beard.

  1. Wash your beard every day, but be careful

Washing your beard every day is great, but you need to be careful, as washing your beard rigorously can strip down the natural oils off your beard leaving it frizzy and might cause itchiness as well.Grooming Resolutions For Men All This Year

It is advisable that you wash your beard every alternate day or at least twice a week to maintain the oil balance in the beard the skin beneath that.

  1. Using a soap? Think twice before doing that

Using a bar of soap or a regular wash can rip down your beard and may cause hair loss or itchy skin. Also, as the regular soaps and washes are harsh, they might end up causing dandruff too.

Use a mild Lbert Mens Grooming beard wash to keep your beard healthy and in good shape. Beard washes keep your beard in a good shape, they don’t strip down oils nor keep your skin too oily as well. They maintain the balance!

  1. Don’t be in a haste

Always remember to give your beard the attention and time it demands. Don’t be in a hurry to wash and cleanse your beard. Take your time to lather and massage with Lbert Mens Grooming beard wash in your beard nicely. Let the goodness of the product reach your hair follicles.

  1. Keep the temperature of the water correct

Though it seems to be a ‘not-so-important’ point, this has a lot to do with having a healthy beard with products of Lbert Mens Grooming.

Using hot water must be avoided totally as it dries your pores and promotes uneven beard growth. Keeping lukewarm water is the best as it allows your hair follicles to gain the goodness of the product and let the beard wash to be more effective.

  1. Rinse out properly

Lastly, remember to rinse out all the product from your beard. We recommend you to rinse twice or thrice to ensure that the product is completely out.

Washing your beard regularly is a crucial step towards having a great beard which attracts eyes of many. Use Beard Wash from LBERT.IN to get a healthy and shiny beard.

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