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How to look your best this Holiday Season?

As we are in the middle of the wonderful Holiday season and Christmas-New Years is just around the corner, parties are just going to lineup quite soon. So here is a quick guide for y’all to look your best this Holiday Season.


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Dressing up becomes an essential part of any holiday season party. With a pair of blue or black trousers or chinos, you can easily rock a white shirt. You can also go on a with a tux too.

If you want to look amazing and experimental as well, then you can always mix and match something like a blazer and probably knee-length shorts for a fun yet dapper look.

It would totally depend on you which kind of dress you want to pull off.

Wear your beard nicely

Grooming is not just about getting dressed up or wearing expensive clothes. Grooming is vital for your face, hair and general skin.

If you have a beard which you want to make the eye-candy of the party then, LBERT would suggest you go by the LBERT Routine!

What’s the LBERT Routine?

Well, in simple words, LBERT Routine is a way you can keep your beard nice and fresh. So that it does not look shabby and also imparts a good image.

How to perform the LBERT Routine?

All you have to do is maintain a daily regimen by following a simple path, mentioned below:

  • Avoid using harsh facewash or soaps on your beard

Yes, this is a very simple thing, but it can just change the game of your beard care. Using a facewash or any kind of soap can make your skin underneath the beard rough and prone to major skin problems.

Avoid using chemical loaded products available at your neighborhood’s general store!

Instead go for something which is more mild, subtle and which doesn’t harm your skin or beard.

Use a beard wash from LBERT and see the difference yourself!

  • Hydrated your beard and the skin underneath

This is the second step of caring for your beard and the skin beneath it. Again using a product which is full of chemicals might have an adverse effect on the beard hair. It can cause hair fall and flaky skin.

Use one good, mild and refreshing cold cream for hands and neck so that these parts which get subjected to cold winds do not get rough.

Buy LBERT Beard oil for keeping your beard and skin hydrated.

It is very crucial that we keep our skin and beard clean and in good shape.

How much these tips helped you, do mention in the comments below.

Have a blast this Holiday Season!!!!

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