Is Your Skin Feeling Unhappy During Lockdown? Here Are The 3 Golden Rules!
Is Your Skin Feeling Unhappy During Lockdown? Here Are The 3 Golden Rules!

Is Your Skin Feeling Unhappy During Lockdown? Here Are The 3 Golden Rules!

Our daily routines have completely changed and it’ll be right to say that our skin is feeling the change too. Lockdown skin has become a real thing and it’s pretty tough to deal with it. Our workout schedule has exploited entirely and with that many other routines too. While there are far more things in our lives to be concerned with right now, we can’t deny the fact that our skin care regimes need some real fine-tuning.

Wearing no make-up and not getting in touch with any of the UV rays or sun is still not giving us the skin that we’ve always dreamt of! On the other hand, the reality is that we’re having an increase in the breakouts, spots and a dry skin that is drier than a Monday night.

There are days when our skin is feeling unhappy and we feel why it is happening and what all can we do? There are a lot of reasons why this lockdown change is hitting hard. These reasons may include stress, lack of sleep, anxiety issues, and many things like that. And, somehow the skin has trouble retaining moisture and becomes dehydrated. With the lockdown taking a toll on our skin, we have come up with some rules or let’s say tips that will help you maintain your skin during these challenging days.

So, here is the recipe of a flawless complexion!

  1.     The first rule: Clean your skin thoroughly

When we’re outside, our skin is likely to be exposed to the urban pollutants. And when at home, it faces the indoor pollutants. We ask how can it face pollutants while we’re at home just doing our household chores? But, we forget to notice that even when we’re doing work at home, our skin is somehow exposed to pollutants knowingly or unknowingly. Especially while you’re cooking or dusting your home. While we’re in the kitchen, our skin is exposed to volatile particles which oxidize tissue and increase the level of inflammation in the skin.

Therefore, it is very much necessary to clean your skin thoroughly. So, let’s start with the cleaning process that you have to do every morning when you wake up.

Okay, so all you have to do is in the morning when you wake up, start your day by removing the sebum your skin produced overnight with any cleanser that suits your skin. Choose the cleanser wisely according to what skin type you have. For the best results, you can try your hands on L’BERT’s Charcoal Face Wash which keeps the moisture intact with cleaning the pores deeply.

While we’re at home, the days will continue with no make-up scenes; but if you’re doing make up for any sort of call or conference, then it’s better to double cleanse. You can use one of the best cleansers which remove all the dirt and grime and prevent the build-up of inner pollution.

  1.     The second rule: Fighting stress from the inwards skin

It’s no brainer in the fact that the stress of isolation has a great impact on the skin. In general also the stress has the same impact on the skin. When we’re stressed on the inside, there is a hormone produced inside named as Cortisol which causes inflammation and excess oil production which leads to break out of the skin.

Also, there are a lot of side effects of stress too which may include loss of appetite, lack of sleep which causes even more damage to the skin.

So, the next step after cleansing includes adding a serum to your face. This has to be done before moisturizing so that it boosts the skin’s natural defenses. You can use any serum that strengthens the skin’s defense system and makes it tough against stress. Then, follow it up with a moisturizing cream which is rich in hyaluronic acid as that will help improve your skin. In the evening you can apply an overnight mask which will act continuously for hours to recharge the hydration of the skin. Also, this mask will help you sleep better. And stress less as it will only affect your body in different ways.

So, it’s better to keep the stress at bay and find calm in everything. 

  1.     The third rule: Deal with the lack of fresh air

If there is a lack of air it only means that the skin is having a hard time in staying oxygenated and radiant. This also happens when the microcirculation slows down due to lack of physical exercise which stimulates the blood flow. The cells lack nutrients and their function eventually slows down. And, if this is not treated over days, the skin becomes even more dull, pale and fragile.

So, you need to take out a bit of time to massage products in your skin apart from cleansing and moisturizing. This will help stimulate microcirculation and cellular metabolism. Here we go with the process! All you need to do is run your hands under cold water before you apply your skincare as that will stimulate the skin even more. You need to apply toner and softener to your skin. These will make your skin appear rosier and fresh as if it has been brought to life again.

You need to keep your skincare routine simple and light. Using too many products can eventually harm your skin and create problems for you! Therefore it’s best to use less products and that too from dermatologically trusted brands. You can try your hands on L’BERT as they offer one of the best men’s grooming products. Trust me, you’ll not regret it! So, go ahead and follow these 3 rules that will give you a scintillating skin even in the hardest days!

Happy skincare!

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