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Best Hair Styling Tips for Men

Keeping your hair healthy and in good shape not just helps you look dapper but also is good for your hair. A suave haircut and hairstyle are a must in today’s world where presentation matter. While there are many hairstyles which are Insta-trending, they might not be suitable for your hair or face shape. So here we are letting you know about some of the best hair styling tips to get the best hairdo which will definitely suit your face!

  1. Prep your hair to get the perfect hairdo!

The most important tip to get a great hairdo is keeping your hair clean. Greasy hair never looks good and also attract dirt and dust making it look shabby. So, guys always remember this point that you never have to leave your hair oily and greasy.

Use a mild shampoo and conditioner by Lbert Mens Grooming to get your hair smelling fresh and voluminous.

  1. Don’t overdo the shampoo

One major issue with people having dry scalp is shampooing excessively. When your scalp is dry, excessive shampooing will cause damage the scalp and make the skin rough and drier. It is never advisable that we overdo the shampoo.

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  1. Applying hair care products by Lbert Mens Grooming

If you are looking for one great hairdo then you have to maintain that style by using hair care products by Lbert Mens Grooming like waxes to keep your hair in place.

Waxes are similar to pomades (and not like gels). A wax offers a greater hold as compared to other gels and pomade. Using a Lbert mens Grooming wax gives shine and control to short or long hair and are impeccable for managing thick hair.

If you are wondering how to use a hair wax then read below:
  • Dry hair completely after washing, you can blow dry too.
  • Apply Lbert Mens Grooming WAX small amount of the wax to the palm and rub your hands together until product warms.
  • Apply the wax through your hair, going from roots to tips

You can use a comb if needed, can be broad toothed or skimpy as and when required.Using a wax or a gel depends on which hairstyle are you going for! They work best when finger-combed, giving you more of a casual but neat look.

  1. Keep it trimmed and neat

To maintain a hairdo, it is most important that you keep it clean and neat for at least some days. Keep one small electric razors or trimmer so that you can clean up around the edges of your hairline. This keeps your hairstyle neat and tidy even if there is a gap between haircuts.

Wrapping up, Lbert Mens Grooming is all about maintaining that urbane look. The more you will keep your hair neat and clean the easier it would be to keep a hairdo intact for days.

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