Lip Care Routine – A Must for the Men | 3 Steps to Plump, Healthy and Pink Lips
best lip care for men

Lip Care Routine – A Must for the Men | 3 Steps to Plump, Healthy and Pink Lips


With winters around, we must change our skincare routine according to it! From skin to hair, we have to buckle up our game of men’s grooming routine. We are here with the men’s grooming products that are going missing from your skincare regime, which is, lip balm and lip scrub!

We have to just follow a three-step mantra – Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, REPEAT.

Lips are the most sensitive part of your face and it contributes to your personality! So, if you have chapped and dark lips, you are not making a good impression on your partner. And, it is high time for you to follow a good lip care routine to keep them moisturized, soft and naturally pigmented.

From smoking to licking them with your tongue, every bad habit contributes to less presentable lips and depreciates there softness and make them dark. Stop worrying, we are here with the best lip care products to remove the dark pigmentation as well as the dry skin.

Let’s begin with the steps to achieve the best lips!

1. Cleansing the lips:

As lips have the most sensitive skin, it is advised that you use an all-natural handmade soap for the cleansing. You can use the L’bert activated charcoal handmade bath soap. It can be used by everyone – be it a person with oily skin or dry skin.
Wrapped with the goodness of activated charcoal, it helps in deep cleansing skin of the lips, removes the dead skin and hydrates it deeply. The toxins and impurities are removed and all you get are hydrated lips. This lip care routine should be followed every day for fresh, hydrated and pink lips.
You can even use the L’bert ocean blue handmade soap in the cleansing process if you love the refreshing menthol vibes.

2. Exfoliate the lips:

Exfoliation is an important part of the lip care routine! After you have perfectly cleansed your lips with a bar of handmade soap, it is time to exfoliate them.
Why exfoliation? It is because lips do not have sebaceous glands to keep the natural process of exfoliating and cleansing on their own. So, to get rid of the flakes and lip’s dry skin, go for a good quality lip scrub.
Our L’bert mint kiss ready lip scrub makes lips light and bright. It gently removes the flaky and dry skin and smoothens wrinkles to give plumped and healthy lips. It leaves hydrated, smooth and kissable lips.
Note – this step of lip care routine is super-important, as if you miss it, the balm won’t penetrate inside the skin to give a smooth appeal.

3. Moisturize the lips:

The last step of a lip care routine is to moisturize the lips from the core. For this, all you have to do is get the best lip balm for men and continue with the step below:
• Take a small amount of L’bert mint lip balm on your fingertips.
• Massage slowly onto your lips.
This will keep your lips moisturized for 24 hours and heal the cracked and chapped lips entirely. Plus, you get the shield from harmful UV and other environmental factors that harm this sensitive skin.

A good lip care routine boosts your personality and also gives kissable lips! Jotted above are some of the finest tips that you should add to your regime to get the most reliable results. Don’t miss out on our other blogs and also the products that could give a shiny beard, glowing face and fantastic lips.

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