Man up to be a part of Groomed Gentleman’s Club - L'BERT

Man up to be a part of Groomed Gentleman’s Club

Summer is here and so is the big fat Indian Wedding season. It also marks that celebrations are just around the corner. Whether it’s a small brunch with the boys, a family get-together or late-night dates, you need to be the hare in this race. You don’t want your bunny to escape out with some other tortoise.

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For ages now, the clean-shaved boys were ruling the runway with their think parted hair and skin as smooth as a 5-year-old. The game has changed, the beard force rules the era with their flawless beards and perfect jawlines. Be friends with Lbert and ditch the clean this summer.

“Lbert men’s grooming was born out of the need to find good quality Men’s grooming products in India which were in stark contrast to the ones I used back in London. Being an avid user of these products, the scarcity of natural and organic products in the men’s grooming category pushed me to transform the complete cosmetic scenario in my Motherland.” – says the Founder.

Pre Wedding Tips:

  • Your best Hair Affair It eliminates flaky scalp and can be used by men with different hair types. It also helps you to get rid of hair thinning, brittleness, hair breakage and split ends. LBERT Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo with Conditioner can be the best.Lbert Moroccan Argan Oil
  • Be Kiss Ready – Lbert Mint Lip Scrub makes your lips Light, Bright and helps you to be kiss-ready at every moment. The scrub also makes the skin of the lips lighten & plumped so that the wrinkles are smoothed out.Lbert Lip Scrub
  • Charcoal Peel-Off Mask acts as a deep cleanser for unclogging pores, Detaining, Removing Blackheads and Dead skin. It also has Anti-aging, Anti-Acne & Anti-pigmentation properties which makes you be the showstopper. So it’s time to show off your real glow with Lbert Charcoal Peel-Off Mask.
  • Bathing soaps can be used for Deep Cleansing, Exfoliation & Long Lasting fragrance. It draws out the Impurities & Toxins Deep settled within your pores. The goodness of charcoal helps to Deep cleanse your skin and removes blackheads. Lbert Activated Bath Soap & Ocean Blue Bath Soap is a complete solution for Refreshing & exfoliating bath.

 Post Wedding Tips:

  • Hair Growth Oil helps you to nourish your hair with nutrients and the pleasant smell of the forest. It is made only from the best and most effective natural and safe highly beneficial nutrients. It gives your hair a glorious effect. Lbert Beard & Hair Growth Oil can be your best hair companion to get your hair ready this wedding season.Lbert Beard Growth Oil
  • Charcoal Face wash can be used to detoxify the skin post weddings. Its sweet smelling fragrance makes the product an enjoyable one to use. The product has been fully tested by certified dermatologists. Lbert Activated Charcoal Face Wash is your best friend this wedding season.
  • Face scrub helps you to remove impurities & dead skin. It also detoxifies & cleans the clogged pores. It removes Blackheads & whiteheads which makes you look young and attractive at every occasion and after you are home too. Lbert Activated Charcoal Face Scrub can prove out to be magical.


So be the beast your beauty deserves this wedding season and man up your kit with Lberts amazing products.

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