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Put a Halt to the Unruly Beard with the Best Beard Grooming Products


A Gist of the blog – Know about the 3 products that can help you grow a handsome beard!

Is this the case – Being beardiful isn’t as easy as you thought it would be? Well, if ‘yes’ is the answer then here we are with the finest tips and products to change your beard grooming routine. This will not only leave you with an un-tangled and fine trimmed beard but will also enhance the growth and the shine of your beautiful beard.

As already specified above you will be knowing about the different products of L’BERT that can make you outgrow the beard goals. Let’s begin:

1. Beard shampoo:
Before you start splashing all the beard grooming products on your beard, it is super-important that you clean it. Washing should be in your everyday routine! Because for first you don’t want any unwanted bacterial growth under the beard to affect face skin. So, for this, use a beard shampoo specially designed to rinse and cleanse beard properly from roots.
P.S. those hair shampoos are not the ones to be used on beard, instead go for an especially designed shampoo for the beard.

L’BERT english garden beard shampoo wash is an SLS and paraben-free formula that helps to keep your beard clean and healthy. The argan oil constituent gives complete nourishment and enhances hair growth! This shampoo has anti-bacterial properties that deeply cleanses the skin as well as the hair which results in a soft and un-tangled beard.
For this, all you have to do is wash your beard everyday with shampoo, by taking a small amount of shampoo, massaging it from the roots and then rinse it with water.

2. Beard wax:
The other product under the beard grooming product that you should pay close attention to is beard wax. You might think that it would harm the quality of beard hair but using an all-natural beard wax will nourish it and leave a smooth, stylish one.

The L’BERT beard and mustache wax is for those who love to keep their beard and mustache long, thick and stylish. This wax is made of natural ingredients like clove oil, olive oil, shea butter, Vitamin E which helps in the nourishment of hair and also promotes growth. It is important that once you have washed your beard, you nourish it with oil or wax.
Whether you have to attend a fest or just a normal day chilling at café, it is advised that you caress the locks and keep them stylish.
This beard wax is not sticky!

3. Beard oil for growth and thickness:
Beard oil is a must if you have dry and damaged hair as it will nourish and make your hair shinier, plus the ingredients ensure good hair growth. You can use our L’BERT beard growth oil which is a natural and super nourishing oil that stimulates hair growth and gives a pleasant smell.

It is a blend of high-quality natural oils and vitamins! Simply take a few drops on your palm and apply evenly on your beard.
These were some products that you can add to your beard grooming routine for a better, healthy and shiny beard.

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