The best face washes straight from your kitchen
The best face washes straight from your kitchen

The best face washes straight from your kitchen

If you have been using the best face wash for men but it is full of chemicals, you can choose to stay away from the soap.  Some ingredients that are natural and are readily available in your kitchen can also work magically to wipe off the toxins and induce goodness to your skin. Even you can save a lot of money when you do not rely on such chemically formulated products found at drug stores. Using such natural resources or using a face wash for men which is 100% organic can be a fresh and rejuvenating experience. This blog will talk about various kitchen ingredients you can resort to getting rid of dead skin cells, dirt, and pollution while getting a radiant and glowing face.

Men just need to focus on which ingredients suit their skin type and cater to their woes. Make sure you adopt a hit and trial method and swear to stay away from products that do not trigger any problems or allergies in your skin.  Keeping your face clean forms the foundation of having a clear and supple skin so make sure you do not resort to options that clog your pores further.

Cleansing Grains

You can make your own cleaning mixture at your home by simply grinding the oats or almonds and adding some amount of water to it. You can substitute the water with a few drops of essential oil if you wish to add. Gently use the mixture like a face wash, make sure the grains are fine so that you do not end up getting cuts and rashes. Avoid your eyes. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off with normal water. For preparing a gentle exfoliating cleanser you can also resort to wheat germ, ground sunflower seeds, cornmeal, baking soda, and rice bran. Baking soda should be used only once in two months to make for a great oil control face wash


Honey has been extensively used by the face wash and cleanser industry. It definitely works wonders in smoothing and softening the skin. Regardless of the skin type, honey has been never seen to trigger any skin woes. It is absolutely safe to use.

Take a few drops of honey into your fingertips and massage over for a few minutes. Leave it for at least 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Make sure your skin is clean before you apply this potion on your face. Wash off with normal water and pat dry.

To make an ideal face wash for dry skin, add a little amount of cream to honey.

Multani Mitti / Clay

You can use clay powder every day to combat pigmentation and excessive sebum.  It will definitely make your skin fresh each time you use it. You can get it in a powdered form. In order to make a clay wash, take a spoon of this powder and add rose water to make a thick paste. Massage it on the face just like you would use a normal cleanser, wait for 5 minutes, and wash off. Even charcoal face wash for men is made with such an earth-born powder and this could too fight acne and extra oil magically.


Since the beginning of time, people have resorted to milk to nourish and heal their skin. You can easily get a clear and radiant complexion with the help of raw milk. To clear your skin, you have to dip a cotton ball in raw milk and apply the same over your face. After rubbing the cotton ball one time over your face, you can squeeze the liquid and feel the carbon remains over the skin. You must repeat the process 3-4 times and see the difference on your face. You can easily get a clear white face with the help of a milk cleanser.


When you are coming in contact with the harmful rays of the sun, getting a sunburn is quite natural. But, it is not very easy to avoid the sun rays as men would always need to go out in every weather condition. But, after returning back home, resorting to a tomato wash can be an excellent remedy. Take a slice of tomato and rub the juicy part over your skin. Massage it for around 5 minutes and wash off with normal water. Pat dry and seal the moisture with a natural moisturizer.


The plain yogurt is one of the main ingredients in a men’s face wash for oily skin. With its fat, proteins, and lactic acid, yogurt is potent in fighting the bacteria and dirt that create problems on your face. Yogurt, when mixed with lemon, will unclog your pores and rejuvenate your skin. Add one tablespoon of yogurt with one tablespoon of lemon juice, mix it, and use it as face wash by gently massaging. Leave it for four to five minutes and rinse off by using normal water. The anti-inflammatory properties will keep acne at bay and you will be sure to get a flawless texture.

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