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The complete mens grooming guide, you were looking for

As men are becoming more and more conscious about personal grooming, it’s no wonder that hair, beard, and skin care is becoming one of the most talked about topics in a man’s daily grooming routine. It is popular knowledge that men have more hair and all of them need to pay attention to their grooming for a variety of reasons.

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Presenting you with some easy grooming habits all men should get into:

  • Become a regular at your barbers: Book the next appointment at your barber’s while you’re roughly 2 weeks away from taking the haircut, and more importantly stick to it. Too many men wait for the ‘We’ll go when it’s too much’ stage before doing anything about it. Basically, if you’ve noticed your hair needs a cut, then probably others have too. The trick is to be active, not reactive – and having a regular place for a haircut you can trust, will cut down on the ‘Oh God! What if he messes up’ anxiety melodramatically.
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  • Know which hair products work for you: Hair and beard products for the gentleman’s club have got more confusing since the hair products your Granddad used are outdated now. So make sure you’re clued up on what each product is for and how does it act on your skin type. Thicker hair and messy styles can handle waxes, but if the hair is thinner, then less chemically treated products and sprays will give your barnet some staying power. It’s tough but, but the right product can make all the difference in the world.


  • Find your signature scent: Aftershave isn’t supposed to be loud or obvious but undoubtedly it should be the best. You don’t want people to stop in their way and notice (if they do if you’ve worn too much). Rather, it should be a subtle part of your overall look. Rather than owning 8-10 average quality bottles you have picked this morning randomly, find one or two exclusive scents you really like and invest in them. Typically woody, spicy or herby scents suit the winter months, whereas lighter, citrusy scents work best in spring and summer.
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  • “Do a Dylan” with your toothbrush: Two things that every woman notices in a man is his shoes and his smile. When it comes to the latter, there is no excuse for ignoring the teeth. Electric toothbrushes are introduced which does most of the work for you, plus, they’re better for your health than manual toothbrushes, and also significantly reduces gum problems. And while you’re at it, use a mouthwash after the brush thing you do in the morning.


  • Scrub your face: Use a chemical-free scrub in the morning to scrub the weekend dirt off your face or every 3rd day of the week. Go for a plain face wash that’s less abrasive and you’ll end up looking better than you feel in no time.


  • Manage your facial fuzz: Only unless and until you’re planning to move out into the wilderness to find yourself, facial hair of any length needs to be tamed and maintained regularly if you want to be taken seriously. You don’t need to spend much on a beard trimmer, so just go, pick one up and get into a weekly habit of tidying up yourself.


  • Put your best foot forward: They might not be on the stage show that often, but a good foot care routine is still important. Taking care of them after a bath or a shower and lathering a generous amount of moisturizer on them can prove out to be magical. And when summer rolls back around, you can switch back to your flip flops and cause no disgust to others.
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  • Tackle dark circles: Look, we all have made our peace with moisturizing years ago. But the stuff we use on our face is still too much for those patches under your eyes, where dark circles and puffiness under the eye reveal your heavy weekend. They also make you look under-slept and older than you are. Incorporate a soothing eye cream or roll-on into your morning routine to help encounter the problem.


  • Wash your face before bed: If you want to head to bed with clean slate be it your face or life, then you’re going to need a solid face wash routine. Particularly if you live in the belly of a fast-moving, speed-powered beast like cities, where your face and skin daily collects grimy pollutants throughout the day.

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There was a time when a man spent too long in the bathroom grooming himself. Thankfully, it has changed now, they don’t get amazed by the overwhelming amount of technology, devices, and gadgets now. It has all shifted to mens grooming appliances products and kits now. Beard and Moustache is the fashion statement of the era.

The trick isn’t to spend a fortune or million dollars on a thousand different products or to lock yourselves in the bathroom for hours at a time. Rather, developing a daily routine which is quick, simple and, above all else, it’s about maintenance and ensuring you don’t let yourself (or your carefully wore outfit) down with uncombed hair or unnecessarily wrinkled face.

Start the process of taking care of yourself now and you’ll realize you are still looking younger than what your age is.


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