The science behind beard growth
The science behind beard growth

The science behind beard growth

Patience, care, and genetics are the most important participants to grow a thick and healthy beard. Unfortunately, there isn’t really anything you can do to alter those two things. That said, when it comes to your genetics, namely your body’s secretion level of testosterone, there are reasons on which the facial hair growth depends.

But how exactly do hormones and genetics influence your beard? It all comes down to your specifical testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The quantity of DHT you have in your reproductive system plays a crucial part in your beard and hair growth patterns.

What is DHT?

In short, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an androgen sex hormone that participates actively to produce hair, build muscle, make a person fertile. DHT is a natural bi-product of testosterone, and each person incorporates some quantity in the body.  

However, all bodies do not react to DHT in a similar way, and that’s where part of the genetics comes into force. The body’s reaction to the hormone and a human’s hair growth go hand in hand.

How DHT functions?

To summarize, testosterone gets changed into DHT by the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase (5-AR) in the gonads. The transformation procedure also takes place in the prostate, skin, and other parts of the body as well.

Nearly 10% of testosterone is turned to DHT daily. Studies and researches have revealed that secretion is much lower before puberty, which would at least explain why children are not seen around with beards. As DHT circulates through the body, it annexes itself to receptors throughout the body, incorporating those found in hair follicles. DHT is more potent in comparison to testosterone and is believed to be more contributing towards the fertility of men. Basically, testosterone fetches all the praises for the functions that DHT is doing.  And beard wax fetches all the praises of a crisp looking beard.

That said, the two lines are parallel to each other, and in theory, boosting your testosterone could elevate the amount of DHT produced.

DHT and beards

The fire fact is that DHT influences the growth of head hair and facial hair differently.  Have you ever wondered why guys with dense beards may sometimes be bald or balding? DHT is a major cause of that.

Beards require DHT to develop and reach their optimum capacity. In most cases, lower levels, or lower sensitivity to this hormone are the reason for a scarce beard.

Men with elevated levels of testosterone and DHT will generally have significantly more dense facial hair than men with lower levels. And, if your body is easily triggered by these hormones, you’ll likely grow a beard at an earlier age than others. Resort to the use of the best beard wax so that you can enjoy and flaunt the amazing facial hair you have got.

That said, just because you are in your 20s (or even 30s) and still have a patchy beard, it cannot be just the result of low hormone levels. The follicles on your face may just be less sensitive to the pushes of DHT.

DHT blockers and beard growth

The question as to whether or not using a beard can impact your beard’s growth has become more prevalent. Unfortunately, most hair growth researches have focused on head hair, and there are hardly any brands making researches and formulating safe remedies to keep the facial hair healthy and shining.

That said, beard oil does work its way into the pores on the face, and hair follicles underneath. If the beard products are made with safe formula with natural ingredients and essential oils only, keeping toxins at bay, you can actually benefit in magical ways.  

Our beard and mustache wax at L’bert is to formulate class-leading, healthy products that work as food to act as a catalyst in enhancing the growth. The brand is meticulous about the ingredients and hence keeping the range organic, and strive to never include hazardous substances in the products.

Even though the market has felt strongly that beard products made with Sulphates and parabens cannot be the best option in the world, Only a few brands like L’bert saw an opportunity to reformulate it and develop a range of men’s grooming products that was like nothing else on the market.

L’bert developed the new mustache wax and beard wax using only 100% natural ingredients that have not been shown to block or inhibit the body’s natural production and impact of DHT. The result is all-day softness without being greasy.  

Growing a beard is already difficult enough, why risk making it any more difficult with products that could be working against your body’s natural chemistry and preventing your beard from growing to its full potential.

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