Tips That You Need to Add to Your Hair Care Regime During Lockdown
Tips That You Need to Add to Your Hair Care Regime During Lockdown

Tips That You Need to Add to Your Hair Care Regime During Lockdown

If there is anything that unites us all in one common way of thinking, it’s that we all want a great set of hair. But achieving them has been a struggle always. There are very less moments when we get that ‘good hair day’! And even though we don’t want to, we have to settle with okay. Well, all the men out there, now you don’t have to! As here we are with all the hair care tips straight from the experts.

We’ll tell you everything from how to take care of your hair at home to how to improve the quality of your hair without causing any sort of damage to it.

Dive in and brush up your knowledge on how to make that daily hair care routine of yours more effective than ever.

  1.     Dry away the right way

Ninety percent of the men step out of the shower after washing their hair and rub them vigorously without even thinking once. Please, don’t do it!

The thing here is that your hair is very much susceptible to damage when they’re wet, and rubbing them with a towel can cause the hair caught in the threads of the towel and stretching them can cause hair breakage. This also causes split ends and frizziness in your hair. Therefore, you should always pat dry your hair after shaking out the excess water from the hair.

  1.     Turn down the heat meter

Are you listening guys? Excessive heat can damage your hair strands. When it comes to using heat tools on your hair, you should try to keep them minimum. And whenever you use them, don’t forget to apply the heat protectant before. Also, while blow drying or straightening don’t turn the heat all the way up.

  1.     Less is more, today and always

Have you ever heard that a little goes a long way? Keep your styling products to the very minimum. Because too much of products can build up on your hair causing your strands to appear flat. You can use a hair mask that will absorb all your excess oil and impurities and leaves you with a fresh and clean scalp. For applying the mask, all you need to do is before shampooing apply the mask on the dry roots section by section and so cover the entire head. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse while gently massaging the scalp and ensure all the product is washed away.

  1.     Take the hats off for better hair

Hats can take a toll on your hair strands as well like rubbing a towel can cause hair breakage. So, it’s better to go sans hat as frequently as possible because when you wear one, you’re likely to lose your hair. And, if you want to wear, then go for a loosely fitted one instead of the one that fits like a glove to your head.

  1.     Trims are important

Maintaining your cut is very much important. Even if you don’t have super long strands, it’s very much important to go for a trim every now and then. With this, you get rid of many unwanted split ends. This results in smooth and good-looking hair.

  1.     Two is always better than one

These days there is a fashion of two-in-one things in the market. Companies boast their products while showing off their abilities even if they are effective or not. It may be very fascinating to have everything from shampoo to conditioner to body wash in one single product, but on a real note it’s not. We were told to believe this thing that an all in one product is always the best choice when we were younger, but today you need to take this thing out of your mind. We would suggest you do yourself a favor today by investing in a hair care system which has all the separate products ranging from shampoo to conditioner and other hair products. Bring the ones according to your hair type and yes, thank us later!

  1.     Don’t do that comb over ever

There are many people out there whose hair is thinning on the top of their head while they still have a fair amount on the sides. And they make this unpleasant decision of covering the bare spots with a comb over. On this we would say that please don’t do that ever. You’ll never look good with that or maybe you seem like that creepy uncle who keeps showing everywhere with that look which no one wants to see. So, be kind to yourself and get a haircut which blends with your thin hairstyle.

  1.     There’s no need to repeat the wash

It’s a great myth about washing the hair that you’ll only get the perfect hair after you rewash it. That double wash is completely useless, never do that. Repeating the washing process can lead to dry hair instead.

We hope that the above mentioned tips will surely help you in making your hair care routine great. Add them to your vanity and get that perfect look.

Work with your hair, not against them!

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