Types of shampoos ideal for your hair texture
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Types of shampoos ideal for your hair texture

Shampoos are cleaning agents that are not just tools to get rid of dirt and germs, but they can add more aesthetic benefits as well. Despite being perceived as a simple product, most people are totally lost when it comes to identifying the best shampoo for men according to the hair type. Simply put, it’s 2020, with the number of shampoo types, definitions, labels, brands and fragrances that have come up in the market this summer, men are simply getting more clueless.

Wipe off those stress lines from your forehead! This blog will be unveiling the different types of shampoo for men ideal for various hair textures. So stop overthinking about the process of choosing and buying a shampoo.  After reading this blog, selecting the best hair shampoo for men will become a hassle-free and nondramatic task.

The bifurcation can go an endless path but majorly, there are 5 types of shampoo for men. In reality, people used to think only female hair care products have a huge range and variety, but it is a wrong notion. Men can have such products too which are interchangeable to an extent as per the requirement. So let’s read about each!

Basic shampoo

It is a regular or daily men’s shampoo. Normal shampoo is ideal to be applied if your hair is naturally in good health and condition. They do not suffer from any scalp or hair problem. If you simply want a hair wash to stay clean and sharp, this should be your go-to product. Though do not underestimate the power of a conditioner. Always remember to followed the wash with a normal conditioner

Moisturizing shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo is a type of product that not only washes off the dirt and debris but nourishes your hair too.  Moisturizing shampoos must-have products for men with dry or frizzy hair, and you should regularly use a hydrating conditioner as well, each time you have a wash. The moisturizing shampoo is a hydration locking tool for men with brittle hair. Men with curly strands should use it regularly.

Oil control shampoo

This hair shampoo for men is ideal for ones who have an oily scalp. Few men often complain that their scalp secretes a lot of sebum. Even the men who use too many hair styling agents like serum, wax or gel, often complain of the residue buildup. If your hair feels greasy, strands feel coarse than usual or the shine looks lost (i.e. doesn’t reflect light well); then this solution is for your problem.

The greasy deposit or natural secretion of sebum can reach anywhere within the length of the hair strands, therefore, a thorough hair wash will resolve the issue.

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