When in Quarantine, Make Hygiene Your Priority
When in Quarantine, Make Hygiene Your Priority

When in Quarantine, Make Hygiene Your Priority

Staying at home to stay safe?

Want to know about personal hygiene while you stay at home? If the answer is yes, this read is for you.

The current state of the world calls for socially distancing yourself! While you are at your home and following all the necessary steps to stay unharmed, you must look back at your hygiene routine and get back on track to fight it. With all the work and tedious life, you might have missed caring for yourself. But now that we have time, grab the opportunity!

Why is it important?

Amidst all the chaos one thing that saves us is our body and when it is happy and healthy, we can fight everything. Personal hygiene is concerned with treating your body right. By doing so, you not only eliminate the risks of virus attack but also keep your body clean and fresh. It makes you look presentable and also controls body odor.

What does it do?

  • Adds freshness to your appearance
  • Fills in positivity in mind
  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Add on the benefit of a healthy body
  • Wards off illness 

How to do it?

Here are some effective yet simple do’s to maintain the right hygiene regimen and stun everyone when you step out of home after your quarantine period.


Your hair is a crucial element of your appearance. Greasy and sticky hair are the biggest turnoffs for everyone. If you do not take proper care, you might have to deal with issues of dandruff and hair fall. Do not take a chance and wash them at regular intervals with a shampoo. It eliminates dandruff and removes accumulated oil and dust.

A good hair wash adds fragrance to your hair and makes them silky smooth. Also, a good head massage with oil before washing strengthens your hair roots and increases the blood flow. Choose from the best range of hair care products for men that grooms you like a hero!


A bright and clear face is a confidence booster. Taking the right care of your face is essential because well, looks matter! A clean face builds your personality. Be sure you give your face a good massage and exfoliate it later. Face masks, face scrubs are very useful but take care you choose it as per your skin type. Wash your face with mild face wash and follow it diligently. 

Having a beard is one thing but maintaining it is another. Trim your beard and keep it smart. Follow a strict routine with your beard. Wash your beard regularly to make it odorless and non-greasy.

There are a plethora of options available for you and you can also check out our men’s face product range.


Staying at home will prove a boon if you utilize it to treat your body like a temple. Bath regularly with the right soap. Keep separate soaps for everyone. This will eliminate the risk of transmission and keep you fresh. Use soaps that are chemical-free so that it does not cause any ill-effect on your skin. Also, the right kind of soap will remove body odor and will keep you fresh all day! 

Taking proper care of your intimate areas helps in reducing irritation and itchiness and soothes your skin. Be sure that you do not buy any chemical-laden products. Men’s intimate care is very essential as it helps in preventing rashes and infections in the long run. Include right body care essentials in your daily routine and you are all set.

Awareness, when put into action, brings big transformation. We are sure that once you follow these, you are surely going to be a hygiene hero. Stay stress-free while we are at work to provide you amazing men’s grooming products that will add in energy to your body and overall personality!

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