Who are the Real L’Berts of the Society?
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Who are the Real L’Berts of the Society?

India is rich with stories of fearless warriors who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the country. With a new enemy, emerges a new superhero.

In the words of Shannon A. Thompson, “Heroes don’t have the need to be known as heroes, they just do what heroes do because it’s right and must be done”

 While the world is packed in its abode, there are people who are working 24*7 to keep everyone safe! They are not in their haven and are ON DUTY to keep the country moving while an entire countrywide lockdown has been imposed. They are The Corona Warriors Of India.

We salute the spirit and valor of these people. They truly are the Real Life Heroes; the real L’berts!

We know no combination of all the alphabets can describe what these people are doing and have done for us but we sure can puff up their spirits and enthusiasm by showing our support and love to them.

Who Are They?

Are they the actors or are they some big people with a lot of wealth?

No. They are normal people just like you and me.

They are the people who knew they could not work from home because, without them, the country would come to standstill. They knew the right thing to do and took on the responsibility to save each one of us; from the coronavirus pandemic, from starving for food, from starving from services!


Not all heroes wear capes, some come with a stethoscope.

The biggest thanks go to our doctors who are not on leave and are constantly working to save lives. While the world is fighting against the coronavirus, they are risking their lives to save the lives of millions of us! There are some in the hospitals taking care of the infected people and there are some who are using their abilities to find a cure to the illness.

In any case, they are working even today to save each one of us!

The Support Staff at Hospital

Behind every hero, there are people who are working to let them do their jobs perfectly. The nurses, compounders and even the peons who are regularly cleaning the hospitals play a big part in this war. They are aiding the doctors to save millions of lives. Risking their lives at the hospitals that are full of patients, checking if someone tests positive is just a small part of what they are doing. What is doing is truly commendable.

Police Force

Effective implementation of the coronavirus lockdown is what will save us all. The responsibility to check that lies on the shoulders of policemen. Standing out all day making sure that people follow social distancing and do not gather at one place demands dedication, patience, and courage.

Kirana Store Owners

While all other businesses are closed, one thing that still opens is Kirana stores. They supply us with essential eatables. They today also deal with many people, who know might be infected. Yet, they are not closing. Supplying you with what you need; biscuits, flour, bread and what not!

Vegetable Vendors

Your supply for fresh vegetables is not stopping. It is possible only because these heroes are there to provide ample vegetables to you to feed your family. You are eating healthy as someone else is still brining your healthiness!


If they did not come, who would pick up your waste? They come and clean your societies, take your wastages and dispose of them. Not only are they saving you from Corona but also all other possible illnesses that can come with the unclean surroundings.

News Reporters

You are updated about every single detail because they are not sitting in their homes, in living rooms. They are working on getting all possible information for you to be aware of. We are at peace because we know the status of the country with respect to the pandemic. Thank the people who give you news for you to not get affected by fake news.

Government Employees

Electricity, water, and every other department are open by the government so that you do not face any trouble while sitting at home. They still go to their offices in the morning so that the working of the country does not get hampered. Every single employee who still goes to the office, risking their life is a warrior in himself.


All the banks are open because they know you might need money. All the ATMs are operational for easy access to cash for your daily needs. They still go to banks, come in contact with multiple people and yet do not say no to give you’re the services they promised. The people working in banks are all there for you. While they are risking their lives, be sure that you only visit them when it is urgent.

Delivery Service

Did a doubt ever pop up in your mind that who are bringing essentials to Kirana stores, or how are people who do not buy packed milk, getting milk at their places daily? Well, they are the silent support people who are working for you to get all the essentials.

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the strongest of them all?

Each and Every Corona Warrior of India!!

While they are out risking their lives for you, it is your responsibility to make sure that you follow the lockdown strictly. Make sure you do not step out for no reason. We know it is a hard time, but it is for everyone.  The people who keep us safe, deserve safety too. Be a responsible citizen! Stay home, Stay safe.

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