What Makes this Charcoal Face Scrub so Good for our Skin

6 Unavoidable Reasons Why Charcoal Face Scrub is a Necessary Addition to Skin Care Routine

Charcoal is so much like a blessing that absorbs all our problems and does all the good to us. Since the time when charcoal got recognized for its amazing skin care and healing properties, it has been used prominently. This is simply because activated charcoal has divine characteristic of absorbing the dirt and oil from the face, thereby unclogging the pores and making skin look younger and healthier.

Charcoal finds a great deal of importance both in the spiritual practices as well as in the beauty industry. Because of it being a piece of unburnt carbon that was exposed to pressure for a long time, it has the magnetic properties to extract the dirt and impurities from anything they get in touch with. 

After many years of calculations and research, scientists came up with the formulas with the help of which the outstanding properties of activated charcoal can be transformed into usable forms, like face wash, charcoal scrubs, charcoal face masks, etc. Inculcating these rigorous efforts, L’bert presents you with Activated Charcoal Grooming kit that includes activated charcoal face wash, activated charcoal handmade bath soap, activated charcoal face scrub and activated charcoal peel off mask. Unlike most of the activated charcoal products available in the market, L’bert products are free of harmful chemicals and are created strictly with the motive to remove dead skin cells and bring natural glow to your face. These are completely safe if brought to use for your daily skincare routine


Is it safe to switch from my regular products to use activated charcoal products?

Of course, it is! We can tell you how:

1. It will enhance your appearance:

It is as easy as A B C to use these grooming products. You simply have to apply the charcoal face scrub or peel off mask covering your entire face, except the region closed to eyes. If you apply activated charcoal twice a week, you will see how clearer and fresh your skin looks like. 


They even have a charcoal bath soap that can be brought into regular usage to exfoliate the dirt and grease that accumulates on the skin every day. When you will apply the mask you will yourself experience how it pulls out the toxins and dead skin cells off the skin. Also, scientists’ reports support the fact that charcoal is an excellent exfoliating agent. To try it for yourself, just apply the activated charcoal face scrub on your face for about 10 minutes and let it sit. It clears all the pores and when you wash the face off with gently rubbing the face, you will be able to see how smoother and clearer your skin feels thereafter.

With the everyday rush of life, our skin gets depositions of seat and oils that cover the layer of skin, making it difficult for it to breathe. The charcoal peel off mask is another amazing pore cleanser which if applied on a weekly basis, can give you the best results. 

2. It will help treat skin issues:

If you have bites and cuts on your skin, charcoal scrub can do the magic on that. But do not forget that the scrub or mask or soap must not be directly applied to freshly cut/open wounds, without the doctor’s recommendation, because that might harm further. But if the skin has a prolonged bacterial infection(due to bug bites, stings or scrapes), then activated charcoal is a god sent remedy that helps remove the bacteria and allows the skin to heal faster. 


Also, there are a lot of people who suffer from acne issues every now and then. The charcoal soap or face wash helps get away with the problem. The regular use of charcoal face wash has even proved impactful in clearing up the breakouts. 


Charcoal face scrub has the magical effects in treating oily skin. All the unwanted oils will be pulled out of the skin, if the scrub gets used not more than twice a week. Also, large pores get minimized and disappear over a period of time, when you use activated charcoal products over them. 

What are the most common skin related issues?

Skin problems

Treated by activated charcoal

Can’t be treated by activated charcoal

Redness and itching


Acne and pimples


Blackheads or whiteheads


Clogged pores


Oily and unclear skin



So, coming to your rescue with every possible skin issue, L’bert activated charcoal grooming kit sucks the impurities and dullness out of the skin and balances the pH of the skin. These products shield the skin and block all the germs and toxins from harming your skin epidermal. We hope you give a try to this range of meticulously formulated skin care products and drop down your reviews and results in the comments below!

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