No shave November: why you need to take grooming seriously?
why you need to take grooming seriously?

No shave November: why you need to take grooming seriously?

why you need to take grooming seriously?

A few years back, there was a trend that caught the attention of the men across the globe, namely #NoShaveNovember. There were a lot of speculations as to what was the reason/logic/purpose behind this movement, until the truth got unfolded. Factually, No Shave November was an Annual Charity initiative where men don’t shave entire month of November to raise awareness and money to fight cancer by donating their facial hair post this month ends.

This calls for a louder participation from all the men worldwide, to not shave in November. But, no shaving clearly does not mean no grooming! The beard growth needs to be maintained and taken care of in a way that it only adds to your good looks. Also, with all the Indian festivals falling in the month of November, it becomes even more crucial to groom nicely! Don’t panic, L’bert has have you covered with their best Beard Grooming kit that will help you through this month. Beard care products are very important if you aim to maintain a balance between the growth and hygiene. So, to avoid having a filthy, scratchy beard growth, we recommend the use of three premium beard growth products from L’bert, which will definitely help you: 

1. LBERT Forest Ranger Beard & Hair Growth Oil- 30 ML

This natural and organic Beard Growth Oil that nourishes the facial hair and promote growth. With its exotic forest fragrance, it keeps the stubble smelling fresh and good. Formulated with the natural essential oils and essential vitamins, LBERT Beard oil is not only promotes growth, but also keeps the locks clean and healthy. For the best results, one must apply this oil on wet beard hair so that the lather so formed protects the facial hair from exposure to dirt, harmful rays and itchiness due to sweat all day long. 

2. LBERT English Garden Beard Shampoo Wash-100ML

LBERT Beard Wash is a product comprised of natural ingredients that assure the good health of your beard. Rich in aloe Vera extract, this shampoo will pamper your beard along with enhancing its thickness. The best part of using this super utilitarian beard wash is that it is completely natural and free from harsh chemicals. So, if you wish to have a shiny, attractive beard for this #NoshaveNovember, then you must definitely own this beard wash. Just make sure you apply the beard shampoo thrice in a week nicely, forming rich lather and rinsing it off thoroughly thereafter. 

3. LBERT Activated Charcoal Face Wash -100 ML

We know the power of charcoal and the fact that it makes your skin go naturally radiant and flawless. Using the natural Charcoal extract as the key ingredient, this Lbert activated face wash removes the toxic materials from the deep layers of skin, thus making the skin look more bright and smooth. Not only must your beard look attractive, but also the rest of the face, to be able to look handsome on the whole. Clean beard and clean skin make the face look healthy and perfect!

These three are the super amazing picks for any guy who wishes to grow, style and maintain a healthy facial hair growth. The best part is that you may even buy a combo of these three products altogether from L’bert Men’s Grooming, if you do not want to buy piece by piece. We are sure you would love the purchase and your beard will definitely look attractive and healthy this no shave November. So guys, keep your beard stylish and attractive until the barber trims it off after it becomes difficult to handle.

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