Your face has acne lock-down? Set it 'free' this Quarantine
Your face has acne lock-down? Set it 'free' this Quarantine

Your face has acne lock-down? Set it ‘free’ this Quarantine

Dear Men! Coronavirus is a curse to humankind, but it has given ample time to nature to heal. Pay attention, it has even allotted time to you to set your skin free from acne.

Before lockdown, it used to happen often.  You’ve picked out the perfect outfit. You’re ready for your big date next evening with your crush and you’ve never felt better. You wake up that morning, go to brush your teeth, look in the mirror, and there it is staring back at you. Small pimples, all over your face. It is as if all of your deepest insecurities rose to the surface of your skin for the girl to see. Your confidence goes down.

Acne is an inevitable part of men’s oily adolescence skin. At least 85% of American teens struggle with it and it persists into adulthood about 50% of the time. All of us have read that acne is a hormonally-driven bacterial condition that needs to be treated with expensive dermatologists, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory creams. In reality, acne is a hormonal condition, but it is not normal to all. They will go if you regularly use men’s face wash for oily skin

Have you ever tried to know acne from the standpoint of evolution? Why would our body curse emerging adults entering their most productive years with unsightly blemishes that may be bad to their self-confidence. Acne not only serves no useful purpose; it actively interferes with the natural order of things. Bodies are not supposed to develop pimples, if we eat and cleanse properly.

History of acne

Studies have shown low to zero rates of acne in a variety of non-westernized peoples around the world.  When Professor Loren Cordain and colleagues went studying about pimples in a sample of 1,200 people residing on the remote South Pacific island of Kitava and in all 115 members of a hunter-gatherer community in Paraguay, they came up with no results. It was said “Not a single papule, pustule, or open blackhead was observed.”

The Kitavan diet primarily included  fish, fruit, coconut, and root vegetables. The Paraguayan menu included cassava, peanuts, corn, rice, and wild game. Two very different diets have one common factor which was responsible for acne prevention.

This blog will talk about the same habits and food which can make your quarantine get you clean skin.

1)     Attain knowledge about inflammation in your body.

The types of fats and carbohydrates men eat play a major role in balancing the weights of inflammation and healing. Men who have acne, their immune system is unbalanced—leaning too far in the direction of inflammation and repelling from healing.

2)     Cleanse the pores and skin cells.

Some types of foods turn on hormones that shift skin cell production into overdrive. Those extra cells gather around pores, club, and stick, and clog pore openings, locking down otherwise harmless bacteria inside. Wash face with oil control face wash for men twice a day to make sure this does not happen.

3)     Confuse the sebum production.

Sebum is the greasy substance that healthy pores produce to supple-up and waterproof the skin. Men whose skin is acne-prone become the same because of too much sebum, causing the skin to become oily. Sebum that accumulates inside clogged pores acts like nutrition for bacteria, imprisoned underneath the skin, helping them to multiply. Use charcoal face wash for men to combat these bacteria with the goodness of charcoal.

4)     Avoid refined carbohydrates.

Sugar, flour, fruit juice, cereal, and other refined carbohydrates are major culprits in the evolution of many common “diseases of civilization,” including acne. These “fast carbs” trigger blood sugar and insulin gets shot in the bloodstream, increasing the risk of acne because of they:

  •       Aggravate inflammation.
  •       Act as a catalyst in the overproduction of skin cells. Insulin is a growth hormone, so one of its main job roles is to stimulate cell growth and division.
  •       Elevate androgen levels. Androgens are the so-called “male hormones,” such as DHEA and testosterone. Androgens stimulate sebum production, and high androgen levels can lead to super oily skin. Bring the best face wash for men for pimples in your skincare regime to fight the oil.

5)     Ditch the dairy.

Milk and other dairy products contain two kinds of protein—casein and whey—specially formulated to develop a cow. Sadly, they act as boosters in human growth hormone systems:

  •       Milk raises insulin levels. It is the whey protein in the milk, not the popularly known which is the main culprit.
  •       Whey proteins include a growth ingredient, betacellulin. Betacellulin binds to special receptors on human skin cells called Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors (EGFRs), which make skin follicles multiply hence making more sebum. A 2012 paper showed that bodybuilders face developed acne after starting a whey protein diet.
  •       Casein proteins increase human IGF-1 levels. IGF-1 stands for “Insulin-like Growth Factor.” It is a growth hormone similar to insulin which acts as a catalyst in excess sebum, skin cell, and androgen production.

While you have all the time in lockdown to maintain a healthy diet, focus on it. And don’t forget to use the best face wash for pimples and dark spots for men to keep your skin germ free. Researchers say a good wash can make you say goodbye to acne stimulating bacteria with potency.

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